“Team Up! Brighten Up!” Yoga Party: Fit Bites

“It’s all about being healthy, feeling good about yourself, and having lots of fun!” ~ Unknown

What’s a fitness party, without healthy sips and Fit Bites? Guests at the “Team Up! Brighten Up!” Yoga Party made possible by The North Face and benefitting Back on My Feet, indulged in these delicious and better-for-you treats both pre and post Kristin McGee’s amazing team yoga workout. Working out is one way to be fit, but it has to be accompanied with eating well too. For inspiration on healthy snacks, read on below for some recipes and tips inspired by what was served at the party.

Detox Water

Guests rehydrated post workout with refreshing Detox Water, bioactive aloe water in Pina Mint, Mangoaloe, and Original Lychee-Grape flavors. It was served in chic and colorful plastic mason jars with shimmering silver straws. Sweat for Smilers loved the exotic flavors of the detox water as well as the healthy aspects – bioactive aloe water helps enhance your immune system, improve skin health, fight wrinkles, protect digestive system and more.

Mango & Jicama Tropical Salsa (Served with Plantain Chips)

This fresh and sweet salsa paired well with the slightly salted plantain chips! This relatively guilt-free snack is a great way to get in some fruits and veggies while curbing a sweet craving.

Oatmeal Chia Cups: Stylish Spoon

Guests raved over these delicious, allergy-friendly, healthy, kid-friendly Oatmeal Chia Cups! These can be stored in your freezer and are great for breakfast on the go or a pre-workout snack. Many moms in NYC have monthly subscriptions of these Stylish Spoon goodies, and get them delivered each month, so they can have them on hand for themselves and their little ones.

Here’s a tip for Sweat for Smilers from Stylish Spoon founder Ilana:

“The nutrients from chia seeds are more easily absorbed if you make chia into a gel before adding them to any recipes, including smoothies or using them as an egg replacement in baked goods, as I use them in the OatMEAL Chia Cups.”

Lemon Coconut Crunch Protein Bites: Arbonne

These addicting balls are made from Arbonne’s vanilla protein powder, sunflower nut butter and other healthy pure ingredients. These should be stored in the fridge and are a great healthy on-the-go snack or appetizer. The citrus flavor of these protein bites complemented the other apps at the party really well.

Sweat for Smiler, and my good friend Holbrook from Arbonne recommends making this recipe your own – “I taste as I add ingredients – you may want to add more lemon juice or coconut…”

Taking a few minutes to prep and store these healthy snacks in your kitchen doesn’t take much time but goes a long way in making healthy eating tastier, and doable for an active, on the go person.

For more Fit Bites, check out sweatforsmiles.com. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for blog updates! Next up? We’re sharing some fave poses from Kristin McGee’s team yoga workout.

Til then, Cheers!



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