“Yoga in Paradise” Beach Party: Work It


We LOVE Beach Yoga!

Last month, in Santa Monica, CA, Linda Baffa conducted an invigorating beach yoga workout for about 20 guests at the Sweat for Smiles “Yoga in Paradise” Beach Party, in support of Alzheimers Foundation of America, and made possible by Prism Sport. It was a fun, fitness-inspired beach party, all for a great cause, starting with a few energizing sips & Fit Bites as guests arrived. Shortly, Sweat for Smilers dove into a 45 minute yoga workout in front of the Santa Monica ocean with the rustling palm trees in the background. It was indeed a beautiful day and a positively challenging and zen-filled experience for all.

I love that beach yoga challenges you enough to make you focus on nothing or no one else but YOU and the beautiful surroundings. Being on sand requires a footing  / balance adjustment throughout your entire workout, but many times, it’s actually easier to really get into the position because you can move the sand around to accommodate you. To help with the footing adjustment, Linda recommended that everyone bring two beach towels instead of a mat. It worked really well!

If you missed the party, don’t fret! Here’s a recap of the “Yoga in Paradise” Beach Party Workout for you to try in your own time. You’re probably at the beach anyway – go ahead and try it!

Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar)

image Chair Pose


Warrior 1

image “Palm Tree” Pose image

Warrior 3


Warrior 2

image Reverse warrior


Extended Side Angle


Bow Pose





The class started to wind down with Child’s Pose and twists before shutting it all down with Savasana.image

Hope you enjoyed the “Yoga in Paradise” Beach Party Workout. Let us know if you tried it! Next up ~ yoga style.




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