Meet Ashley

Ashley Flanagan Slaughter Founder, Sweat for Smiles Editor of New York City, NY

About Me: Athletics and fitness have always been a part of my life. I grew up with a family of incredible athletes and started swimming before I could walk. As a high school scholastic All-American and Division 1 swimmer at USC, eating healthy was a necessity so my passion for cooking and eating well thrived.

I am a die hard Trojan. I graduated from USC twice – with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship and an MBA. Fight on! Post-MBA graduation, I started working for a top ranked young women’s fashion and beauty magazine in NYC and have been enjoying growing my creativity and love for fashion. I am married to the love of my life, Matt, who inspires me everyday to live my life to its fullest. We love our two boys very much and they keep us engaged and active daily.

Fitness: Swimming and overall fitness continues to be important to me. It’s where I go to be on my own, fully relax, and not worry about anything else. A great workout gives me the confidence, energy, and mood boost I need to power through each day. It’s a priority for me to FIT It In into my daily schedule.

Good Cause: I’ve long been interested in philanthropy. I grew up volunteering for organizations such as the National Charity League and the Blind Children’s Center. I’m especially passionate about Breast Cancer and continue to do my best to contribute to various charities and also spread awareness.

Why Sweat For Smiles: : It’s my passion for fitness, combined with my love for party planning, and interest in giving back that fuels Sweat for Smiles. Sweat for Smiles events are so positive for the attendees receiving the workout, as well as the charity receiving awareness and support. The combination of a great workout and giving back, makes Sweat for Smiles a unique and special experience.