Meet Maggie

MaggieDr. Magdalena (Maggie) Cadet Health and Wellness Contributor, Sweat for Smiles New York City, NY

Dr. Magdalena (Maggie) Cadet is a rheumatologist and internist in NYC.  Her interests have always focused on women’s health issues, issues in arthritis and autoimmune diseases like lupus, sports medicine, and motivating others to living a healthier lifestyle to promote rejuvenation, reinvention and relaxation in one’s life.  As a former competitive figure skater, former ballet dancer, pianist and current runner, Dr. Maggie understands the importance of keeping one’s joints, muscles, bones and immune system healthy in order to maintain an active lifestyle and avoid serious injuries. She has dedicated her career to raising awareness of arthritis and autoimmune diseases. Her continuous clinical work, community outreach, national education and research in the field of arthritis and autoimmune diseases has resulted in her being given the 2010 Leader Award by the Arthritis Foundation. Dr. Cadet has exposed herself to the business world by consulting with healthcare organizations such as Health grades, Ozmosis, and Medivo. For her knowledge in the area of sports medicine and autoimmune diseases, Dr. Maggie has also been featured in Essence, Prevention, The Ultimate Health Guide’ and online sites such as Lifescript and Everyday health. Her experiences as a rheumatologist were captured in the book Lupus: Real life, Real patients, Real Talk.  She is also on the board for  “Lupus Chick” nonprofit organization and now a wellness contributor for Sweat for Smiles.  She is a mother, an accomplished speaker and writer, athlete and yoga/fitness enthusiast.  She has just successfully completed the 2016 More Fitness Half marathon for the third time in April.  She will be dedicating this new chapter of her career to helping all individuals live their best possible physical, spiritual and emotional life through her upcoming website. For more on Dr. Maggie Cadet, take a look at her latest article feature: “Dear Docter: Maggie Cadet…”.