Partner With Us

We welcome sponsorships of upcoming events, raffle contributions, brand ambassador interests, marketing affililate interest and more. If interested, please CONTACT US to begin a dialogue.


“We are always happy to join Ashley and her crowd for Sweat for Smiles events.  Their events are professionally run while being uplifting and fun. PRISMSPORT received some great publicity being associated with a terrific organization and a great cause.” -Emily, PRISMSPORTprismsport



“Sweat For Smiles is a fantastic and reliable local business partner! Our store location has worked with the organization in co-hosting multiple in store events. The brands dedication to deepening their connection to both local and global communities is something to be praised, since the organization has helped bring awareness to numerous charitable causes. Its always a pleasure to work with such a loyal and dependable business partner!”-Crissy, Athletaathleta