10 Ways to Warm Up Your Winter Mood

With winter comes bad weather, busy holiday plans, and extensive to-do lists. The winter season can make it difficult to stay positive and productive. Check out these 10 ways to change your mood for the better.

1. Make a Healthy Energizing Breakfast: Spicy Avocado Toast is delicious and powers you up for your day ahead.

Spicy Avocado Toast

2. Do Your Hair:  Spend some time on yourself and making yourself feel good.

3. Give Back: Attend a charity fitness class or donate online to a cause that you are passionate about.

Planks for Pink Party

4. Meet a Friend for Lunch: A break with a friend that lifts you up will power you up for the rest of the day.

5. Wear Lipstick: People who wear lipstick feel more empowered, confident, and in touch with femininity.

6. Listen To an Upbeat Playlist: Music has the power to boost your mood, confidence, and overall attitude. My current playlist includes: 1) Only Human (Jonas Brothers), Lover (Taylor Swift), Memories (Maroon 5), Hey Look Ma, I Made It (Panic! At The Disco)

7. Make Time to Workout: Workouts that demand your full focus (yoga, HIIT, Swimming) will take your mind off of anything that is stressing you out, giving you a much-needed mental and emotional break.

8. Wear Something Bright: An oldie, but true! Bright red pants, a hot pink shirt, or your favorite color shoes can instantly uplift your mood.

9. Perform a Random Act of Kindness: Bring a treat over to a friend, hold the door open, help a lady across the street, give up your seat on the subway, pay for the stressed out person behind you in the coffee line.

10. Get Dressed Up and Go Out: Whether it is a quick drink with a girlfriend down the street or a big night out with your crew, make plans to try a new restaurant, take a cooking class, do something new.

More ideas include check things off your to-do list, spend time with your family, put on a happy face (even if you have to fake it), watch a movie,and more.

What do you do to uplift your mood during the winter season?




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