Wear ‘Em, Wash ‘Em, Toss ‘Em!






Have you FALL-en in love with your workout clothes? Sometimes it can be tough to keep them clean and fresh. We’ve got the inside scoop on what to wear, when to wash, and when to toss.

Wear ‘Em

Anti-Stink Workout Clothes do exist. Make your life a bit easier and fight the stink before it happens. Athleta’ Unstinkable line has a lot of options and works well, so you truly can wear your yoga pants all day, if you want to. The “Unstinkable” technology is “made with silver salts which keep your body’s bacteria from reproducing”. Very cool.

Our fall faves include:

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Wash ‘Em

You know when you have a fairly light workout and you think – “I could definitely wear these again”? Well don’t. Bacteria builds up from even the lowest amount of sweat. Yuck right? Get. It. Out.

  1. Minimize wear and tear by washing in a large lingerie bag.
  2. Air dry – don’t put your workout clothes in the dryer.
  3. Get a deeper clean by washing with a laundry detergent made for sports such as, Tide Sport, The Laundress, Downy Fresh Protect

Toss ‘Em
It happens to all of us, our favorite leggings have seen their last sweat. According to experts, here’s when to toss these items:
  • Athletic Leggings: 6-8 months for general wear and tear
  • Sports bras: They start losing their support after 8 months- 1.5 years
  • Running Sneakers: They start breaking down ever 4-6 months
If you’re like me, it can be tough to part with your personal items, which leads to unwanted clutter. To tackle this issue, I hired NYC Organizer, Meryl Starr. She actually taught me that the value of space is higher than the value of those additional  pairs of leggings.
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Sweat. Give. Sparkle!
Ashley Slaughter
President and Founder, Sweat for Smiles


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