Falling Into a New Season, by Dr. Maggie Cadet

The feeling of sand slipping through my toes is fading as summer leaves us, and fall is upon us. It is another chance to push the RESET BUTTON and get motivated for a new season.

A NEW season is always an opportunity chance to have a NEW mindset, try a NEW workout, have a NEW focus and NEW results.

The September month may mean that it is time to go back to school or return to your job after a summer hiatus but I love the autumn season as you breathe in the crisp air and feel the gentle breeze while you watch the leave color changes.  It It is an ideal season to exercise outside and try some new meals!

I’m saying goodbye to my bathing suit and flip flops and hope to focus on some new outdoor activities and workouts.  Here are some activities to think about trying during the autumn season:

Tennis–     Being in the final U. S. Open week, I have been inspired to pick up a racquet again and start hitting those forehand and backhand strokes. The fall is the perfect time to play outdoors because of the beautiful weather.  The sun is still setting late so get on the court before it gets too dark outside.

  1. Kayaking–     There are so many places in NYC, out in the Hamptons and in the United States that have beautiful scenery to do this outdoor sport.  This activity is a great way to build your upper body core, your arm strength and improve your heart health.

  2. Paddle boarding–     It is not too late to pick up a board and paddle your way around a lake or the bay to help relieve stress and check out nature surrounding you.

  3. Hiking–    Put on those boots and go exploring in the woods or a challenging hill trail with friends or by yourself. While walking on the earth’s terrain, hiking can help improve blood pressure.  The same effects also occur with outdoor cycling which can be so great to do during this time of year. I guarantee that this activity will strengthen your muscles and joints while improving flexibility..

  4. Outdoor Boot camp–     My building sponsors an outdoor weekly boot camp which is a great way to meet people while toning up those muscles and working on different muscle groups.  Whether you are doing sprints, using kettle balls or bands, running up stairs, doing push ups, you are maximizing your cardiovascular activity and strength training!

  5. Flag football/Football-    Fall is definitely the time when football season kicks into high gear.  I’ll admit that I’m not a linebacker or quarterback but this activity is a fun way to get friends together and get some sprinting and and tackling in!

  6. Orange Theory–    This is my new indoor workout of the season!- This heart rate based interval training class focuses on pushing you based on your individual fitness level while exercising on the treadmill, indoor rowing and weight training! Check it out!

  7. Yoga-    There is always room for outdoor yoga among the colorful leaves and pumpkins during the fall season!

Other TIPS for the FALL:

  1. Change up your colors. Summer is all about bright colors (pinks, yellows, white). As we transition into fall, I’m all about rustic colors and the camouflage workout gear!

  2. SLEEP MORE!! I felt myself trying to be active all summer and staying up late to enjoy a nice evening walk or a late barbecue or bonfire on the beach. It is time to get back to obtaining those 8 hours of sleep!

  3. HYDRATE MORE!! As the colder weather approaches and the heat is turned up and the air gets drier, consume more water to avoid dehydration.

  4. Try some new Fall veggies!!  With the change of season approaching, it may be a good time to change up your diet as well.  Try incorporating more carrots, squash, pumpkin and sweet potato in your diet!!

Why Do I Love Pumpkin?

I love anything pumpkin because of the high vitamin and mineral content, particularly Vitamin A, which can help with eyesight and immune function and Vitamin C that helps with wound healing.  Pumpkin also help build up iron, fiber and folate stores in the body.

It also contains antioxidants like beta- carotene  that help reduce free radical damage to your body’s cells. Try this nutrient dense food this season!

It’s time for a new season, new start, new foods,  new workouts!!! Let’s get motivated and make it the best fall season ever!

~Dr. Maggie Cadet, @drmaggiecadet


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  1. Ana Martorell says:

    Dr. Maggie
    Thanks for being so kind and for sharing this amazing tips and words which wear great motivation and also inspiration to my ears.
    Love ❤️

  2. Ana Martorell says:

    Thanks for those inspirational words!!!

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