“Yoga in Paradise” Beach Party

image“Paradise isn’t a place. It’s a FEELING!”

I was SO THRILLED to support Alzheimers Foundation of America with our first LA Sweat for Smiles event  – “Yoga in Paradise” Beach Party! A HUGE thank you to Prism Sport for making this event happen and for outfitting super-star yoga instructor, Linda Baffa, and myself in our awesome yoga gear! It truly was paradise being on the beautiful Santa Monica beach in beautiful weather with great friends, healthy sips provided by WTRMLN WTR, healthy homemade “Fit Bites”, an invigorating yoga workout by the waves, and stylish fitness headbands as favors, courtesy of Prism Sport. I am so grateful to Linda for the incredible yoga class, and to all the party attendees for your time, presence and support.

In case you missed it, we would like to bring the party to YOU! First, here’s the top-line party recap.

Digital Invite: You invite is your potential guests first impression of your party! Make it stand out! This colorful and tropical mood-setting online invitation by Punchbowl was sent out to guests prior to this yoga-themed beach bash. I tend to go with online invites for Sweat for Smiles parties because its the most efficient and effective way to communicate important info (location, charity donation link, last minute changes).

imageFit-Bites: Beach Berry Skewers (with Pichu Berries, Blueberries & Grapes) and Homemade Banana Bread served on Bamboo Surfboard Cutting Boards were the ideal treats for our Sweat for Smilers by the water!


Sweet Sips: Guests indulged in WTRMLN WTR served in these chic plastic mason jars (with orange and blue lids & colorful straws). Not only were the sips incredibly delicious and hydrating during and after our beach yoga workout, they were super cute (the lids come in various colors)!


Yoga by Linda BaffaLinda led a powerful and fantastic yoga session on the beach! Favorite poses include the “palm” tree pose (featured here), chair pose twist, warriors 1/2/3, down dog split and much more. Stay tuned for more details on the “Yoga in Paradise” workout!


Benefitting Alzheimers Foundation of AmericaThis party was no cost to guests but a donation of $50 to Alzheimers Foundation of America (AFA) was suggested. An online link was sent out ahead of time and immediately following the event to give guests the opportunity to donate to the worthy cause. In case you’re interested in learning more. Here is some information from the charity’s site alzfdn.org in regards to what the donations benefit:

Your donation will help support the Alzheimers Foundation of America’s (AFA) commitment to provide optimal care to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, and their caregivers. Uniting 1,600+ member organizations, AFA raises awareness, educates families and professionals, and addresses the practical, emotional and financial needs related to the disease via hands-on programs and services in local communities, and myriad care-focused national initiatives and grants to individuals and organizations. Caring for the Nation…One Person at a Time.


Yoga Style: Linda and I LOVED our fitwear, provided by Prism Sport. The breathable, high quality and bright-colored capris and tanks were ideal for a yoga party on the beach. The capris moved with me throughout the workout, allowing me to feel comfortable in the most difficult of poses. The tank fits perfectly and provides just the right amount of support. Linda and I were both really happy with how comfortable the items were. Stay following us for more details on what we are wearing PLUS current trends in yoga wear!


Fabulous Fitness Favors: Each guest was thrilled to take home a white leather fitness headband courtesy of Prism Sport plus goodies and information from Alzheimers Foundation of America.


More to Come: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@sweatforsmiles), and Twitter (@sweatforsmiles) for more “Yoga in Paradise” Beach Party details and fitness trends including “Fit Bites” recipes,  our favorite yoga moves of the moment, yoga style, and more.

Sweat. Give. Sparkle!




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