“Yoga in Paradise” Beach Party: Fit Bites


“To live well is to eat well.” ~ Unknown

The guests at the Sweat for Smiles “Yoga in Paradise” Beach Party lived really well while devouring these delicious, healthful Fit Bites during and after Linda Baffa‘s invigorating yoga workout! Since the party benefitted Alzheimers Foundation of America, we decided to try to inspire others by serving breakfast bites that we have learned help boost brain health. At the party, I spoke a little about eating well including the following three reminders which can help strengthen the brain:

  1. Integrating more fruits and vegetables into your everyday diet
  2. Eating more homemade meals
  3. Consuming less processed foods

Nothing you haven’t heard before but it’s helpful to hear again. They are all simple and totally doable, right? Here are the two easy-to-prepare, portable, and delicious Fit Bites served at the party:

“Berry Good” Skewers: These healthy fruit skewers are also “berry simple” to make and easy to adjust to your preferred tastes and color theme for your party! It’s fun for guests to hold these while mingling and satisfying after any active workout.image

“Beach-Ready” Banana Bread: This homemade banana bread recipe is a great way to integrate bananas into your diet. Bring this healthful, satisfying, and easy-to-transport snack along to your next beach get-together or serve at a brunch party.


WTRMLN WTR: Guests quenched their thirst during the workout and throughout the “Yoga in Paradise” Beach Party with hydrating and delicious WTRMLN WTR, provided by WTRMLN WTR. This cold-pressed watermelon juice is the perfect tropical sip and an ideal pairing with the “Berry Good” Skewers and “Beach-Ready” Banana Bread.


Now that we have the Fit Bites covered, time for a workout! Stay close – we’re bringing our fave yoga poses from Linda Baffa’s invigorating “Yoga in Paradise” Beach Party workout to YOU.

Cheers to that!



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